Opportunities and Challenges in Paper Printed RFID

  • Shalini Jain
  • Abhinav Palia University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, California, USA
Keywords: CNT, Micro-Strip Ring Resonator, RFID, Tissue Mimicking, Wearable Applications


RFID technique has gathered interest in many areas. But due to high installation cost and comparatively low read range, it has not reached its full potential. In this paper, how ‘conductive’ ink-jet printing technique, as an effective approach for the printing of RFID tags on paper has been studied. Various results characterize paper as a good substrate for the fabrication of sensor modules. Also, the use of implantable RFID tags for bio-monitoring applications is investigated that may open interesting opportunities in telemedicine. Although the technique is exciting enough to be adopted and can revolutionize data fusion but still there are certain unresolved issues that can restrict its use for the development of a ‘ubiquitous’ network for device and body monitoring applications.


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