Emotional Dynamics of Action and Core Involvement: A new theoretical perspective for designing development strategies in schools

  • Venus Upadhayaya National School of Leadership
Keywords: Behavioural science, Communication psychology, Training and Development, Strategic interventions for development


Emotional Dynamics of Action and Core Involvement are theortical perspectives that define an individual's life long scope of learning and progress. 

An individual’s life long Emotional Dynamics of Action (EDA) and his/her Core Involvement in what he/she aspires to do, in what he/she takes up, in whatever he/she achieves get immensely impacted in school. EDA and CI are not isolated patterns of emotional construct; they get constantly evolved and devolved, constantly learned and unlearned. An individual's EDA and CI constantly impact those around and also constantly get impacted by those around. Thus school becomes a space that defines the life-long capacity of an individual. Schools greatly make up a society and its behavioural and attitudinal construct.

The aim of this paper is to on a fresh construct define how schools play a pivotal role in determining a child’s consciousness. The psychological patterns determining communication between a child’s internal and external settings and his level of self-awareness get shaped in school. And these psychological patterns define the EDA and CI of the individual. Researcher defines how positive EDA and CI can be cultivated and practised and how schools can become a major strageic point for development.