Risks to Organizational Information Security from Insider Threats

  • Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Jain Amity College, Florida, USA
  • Atul Rana International Association of Research Scholars (IARS)
  • Upasana Nigam International Association of Research Scholars (IARS)
Keywords: Information Security, ISMS, ISO27001


Information security has been a global issue and challenge from many years. Protection of vital information of the organization has always been a huge challenge for all as millions of intruders put continuous efforts to get access to this information. The information whether stored in physical form on papers or in electronic form in computers, is the most critical element of any successful business and its high values make it the focused target of intruders. Organizational data face threats from external as well as internal factors of the organizations and there is no surprise that organizations implement security measures for their data assets in their premises and networks. Companies spend huge efforts, time, and money on the security of their crucial data and make best possible efforts to keep their data confidential and private yet face losses at many places due to limitations of their security systems.
This white paper highlights some most common practical shortcomings in the security systems of the companies.


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