Identification Spatial Effects of Space Economy in Peripheral Areas of Sanandaj

  • Atefe Ahmadi Kharazmi University, Tehran - IRAN
  • Hassan Afrakhteh Kharazmi University, Tehran - IRAN
  • Mohmmad Taghi Rahnamee Tehran University, Tehran - IRAN
  • Hamed Ghadermazi Kurdistan University, Kurdistan, IRAN


Areas around cities are crystallization space organization with natural, social, economic and physical revelation in geographic context to another that inform in context of dynamic interaction of human and environment within economical and social system. In capitalism organizations space formation in order to goals of circulation and accumulation capital and in finally adapted to administrative and political structure and economic base each geographical place in priorities of accumulation of capital will form forms, structure and functions of different. The type of this research is descriptive-analytical and is based on the process of combining multiple methods. Therefore, this research attempt to evaluate the spatial effects of space economy revolution in the peripheral areas of Sanandaj. In this regard, It were identified criteria for space economy revolution in four dimensions social, economic, physical – environmental and infrastructure to identify the most important spatial effects of space economy revolution in the study area, with using multi – criteria decision analysis methods FTOPSIS in each dimension have been recognized. The results show that of the most important spatial effects of Space Economy Revolution in the economic sector include rising land prices, buying and selling land for farming and gardening, reduction in the area under cultivation, increased investment in real estate sector (buy and sell housing). The most important social effects of Space Economy Revolution in social dimension are rural population growth, increasing rural – urban migration and most important physical – environmental effects of Space Economy Revolution in the peripheral villages of Sanandaj include garden and agricultural land conversion to second home, destruction of natural landscapes of villages, and the spread of illegal construction. And in the infrastructure facilities and services dimension, the effects of Space Economy Revolution in the peripheral villages of Sanandaj include improving infrastructure of services, improving access to communication services and development of financial services such as Post Bank and Corporations.

Author Biography

Atefe Ahmadi, Kharazmi University, Tehran - IRAN

Kharazmi University of Tehran,


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